Easter Monday 2017 -  Monday 17th April will see an attempt at a long-length peal at Great St Mary's - 10,032 Spliced Maximus.

Dinner 2017 - The next society dinner will be held on 9th September 2017 at Wolfson College. Contact the secretary for details.

Pubbage: The Eagle on Benet Street which also serves food (handy for post practice) as well as a range of real ales.

Special Methods: Ariel, Zanussi, Phobos, Bristol plus Cambridge Maximus and Stedman, Grandsire Caters and Cinques.

History: Bell Photos from the 2009 Installation

Noteworthy Peals: Probably the hardest peal yet rung in the tower Quarks which sets a new standard for method definition. CCCBR has subsequently changed the rules on Methods to define some of the innovative particle methods as non-method blocks. The Society repeated this feat proving it was no fluke.   Quark methods.